4 reasons to have a well developed Google business page

Google business place page sign-up form

Google business page sign-up form

Here are four reasons to have a well-developed Google business page. And when I say well developed, I mean fill in as much information as possible, upload photos, add social links, etc.

1. It helps your rankings

Google wants to know that your business’s name, address and phone number (what we call NAP) is accurate. Otherwise you won’t rank well. And while it’s important to have consistent citations across the Web, your Google business page is the most important one.

2. It helps you dominate search results

Check out the search results page below. The area I’ve circled in red is known as the Google knowledge panel. All that info — address, phone number, hours, etc., is pulled directly from your Google business page. Once somebody clicks on your result, or hovers over you on map-based results, the knowledge panel pops up — if you have a Google business page. Look at how the page below is all about this one business.

Google local search knowledge panel

The Google “knowledge panel”

3. It makes it easy for customers to find you

In the image above, there’s a map, phone number, even a “Directions” button. Potential customers don’t have to go to your website and dig around to find your address or phone number. All this info is quickly available to them.

4. It gives you a better mobile presence

Look what happens on a mobile search (see image below). You don’t need to have a fancy mobile-optimized website to get results like this; it all comes from your Google business page.

Mobile search results

Mobile search results

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